I finished reading The Godfather yesterday and watched the movie last night. Here’s my [apparently very] unpopular opinion.

An extremely enjoyable story, but a pedestrian (at best) work of literature. Puzo’s writing is efficient; there is little fluff in his delivery. The story starts off nicely but moves to a dull, laborious (and unnecessary?) middle section before the real story picks up again. I suppose that leaving out the middle section would have left the book almost too short.

This is one movie I should have watched before reading the book. Despite some of the cinematic breakthroughs Coppola incorporated, I thought the movie was a hack job of a story that either changed or omitted far too many of the important elements of the book. It’s surprising to me that not only did Puzo approve of the movie, he basically wrote the script.

It is quite possible that I disappear now.