I got myself into a bit of a situation.

My wife has learned that a high school friend of hers has fallen on hard times. She reached out to other mutual friends and raised an impressive amount of money to help. So this afternoon, she’s going shopping and she’ll deliver the supplies and food tomorrow. I suggested she would get more bang for her buck if she went to Costco. (For our international friends, that’s a big warehouse store that sells items in bulk.) The problem is, we don’t have a Costco membership. So I suggested she buy an annual membership and it would come in handy for a year. Somehow, magically, that turned into my going with her on this shopping trip.

In my defense as a husband, it’s raining here today and we have a perfectly good couch on which to nap.

“So when we go out later this afternoon,” she said…

“Who is ‘We’? You got a mouse in your pocket?”

“What old southern quip did you just throw at me?”

So we compromised. I’m going to Costco.