• Going a bit smaller on the iPhone upgrade this year. iPhone 13 Pro (not Pro Max like in years past) and pairing it with an iPad Mini because it’s more appropriate to use a tablet at school than it is a phone.

  • Performing in my first public performance since December of 2019. The professional ensemble I sing with was one day away from a major performance in March of 2020 when everything shut down.

  • Being a school administrator is an exercise in perpetual exhaustion. 😴

  • Cruella was a good family watch last night. Emmas Stone and Thompson made a nice pair. The only wrinkle was the terrible CGI animals. It would have been cheaper and easier to use real animals.

  • Somebody needs an uplifting message tonight, so maybe this will help.

    ABBA is releasing a new album.

  • Results of my latest check-in with Apple Music’s Dolby Atmos: still a non-starter. Some classical music sounds fine with it, but everything else is awful.

  • 1Password 8 isn’t awful. It’s neither pretty nor elegant, but it isn’t awful. I hate the direction they’re heading, but there really isn’t a better alternative.

  • So I’m looking for a new password manager, huh? That sounds delightful.

    And Apple Music is acting weird. Some files won’t play on my iPhone (content not authorized) but play fine on my Mac and iPad. Maybe this Apple lossless experiment failed and I go back to using my own files.

  • iOS 15 is pretty stable so far. Of course, I’ve only been running it for all of 16 hours.

  • The bottom address bar in Safari in iOS 15 is awful.

    A. W. F. U. L.

  • Is Toggl still the best time tracking service? I’m not a fan, but I’m also not finding anything better.

  • Up quite early this morning to smoke my first pork butt of the summer. This is an unusually late start to the smoking season for me. And, because my step-daughter knew I was planning this, she invited her boyfriend over for dinner.

  • Two things I’m late to adopt but love…

    1. Ted Lasso
    2. Greta Van Fleet
  • Awake at 3:30 a.m. for no good reason.

  • Big, huge professional test tomorrow morning. 😬

  • Pince-nez glasses are rather uncomfortable.

  • I have upgraded my coffee experience with a grinder, fresh beans, and good water (well, we always used good water). However, I have yet to try the recommended 1:16 ratio. That’s quite strong for American coffee drinkers. Here goes. Pure, unaltered coffee at strength.

  • The Godfather, Or “How @gpittman dies”

    I finished reading The Godfather yesterday and watched the movie last night. Here’s my [apparently very] unpopular opinion.

    An extremely enjoyable story, but a pedestrian (at best) work of literature. Puzo’s writing is efficient; there is little fluff in his delivery. The story starts off nicely but moves to a dull, laborious (and unnecessary?) middle section before the real story picks up again. I suppose that leaving out the middle section would have left the book almost too short.

    This is one movie I should have watched before reading the book. Despite some of the cinematic breakthroughs Coppola incorporated, I thought the movie was a hack job of a story that either changed or omitted far too many of the important elements of the book. It’s surprising to me that not only did Puzo approve of the movie, he basically wrote the script.

    It is quite possible that I disappear now.

  • Dolby Atmos sounds really good.

  • Unfortunately, I’ve seen nothing from WWDC that would justify putting the M1 chip in the iPad.

  • I can’t remember how long The Godfather has been on my Want to Read list. Why did I wait so long?

  • We had a mild earthquake nearby this evening. First time I’ve ever felt one, but it was very brief.

  • Legal briefs and code of ethics finally submitted. Oh, and car loan refinanced. I’d say this has been a productive day.

  • Adventures in better coffee:
    1. The Ninja drip coffee makers are actually pretty damn good. They’re designed to allow for a bloom before continuing the drip.
    2. I’m still trying to hone my Chemex craft.
    3. There’s a local roaster about 2 miles from my house.

  • School law is at once fascinating and completely confusing.

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