• Y’all, it is the cluster of all clusters in South Carolina education circles today. Utter chaos, as I expected it would be.

  • Here’s the chaos of the day that I will have to deal with.

    Our Governor issued an executive order yesterday evening ending all mask mandates statewide, including schools. However, he doesn’t technically have authority over the schools, and our state’s Department of Education has stated that their mask mandate remains in effect while they study the legality of the Governor’s order. Some school districts are going with the Governor’s order and others are going with the Department of Education’s order. This is going to be a very confusing and challenging day.

  • Our Governor just rescinded all mask mandates statewide, including in schools. He doesn’t actually have the power to make that order apply to the schools, so we’ll see if they stand firm or cave.

  • We’re going to need to curtail unnecessary travel for the next few days thanks to the gas shortage. I had no luck finding fuel this morning.

  • This is a really, really, really bad idea.

  • Tonight could be a Twister kind of night.

  • Going to visit my family and remember my Dad. He would have been 72 today.

  • Mission accomplished: I did not get fired.

  • Today’s objective: Don’t get fired.

  • I have all but given up on home automation with HomeKit. Maybe it’s the devices, or maybe it’s HomeKit. But HomeKit keeps losing communication with the devices.

  • I’m interested in reading Asimov’s Foundation series but determining the order in which to read them is like trying to decide in which order to watch Star Wars.

    Any suggestions (on Foundation) from the microverse?

  • Looking at Ph.D. programs and I’m not sure I have enough time on earth to finish one while still teaching fulltime. 😬

  • With the submission of my final paper for the spring semester, I am now only two classes and an internship away from completing my second master’s degree. 🎓

  • On the way to sing in Charleston this morning, we saw this. I don’t know whose grandma this is, but I want to meet her.

    Grandma driving a sports car

  • Looks like Apple is finally adding a hi-res tier to Apple Music. It’s about time.

  • There is little more joyous than seeing your children follow in your footsteps, if only for a little while. My son is playing Thénardier in his high school’s production of Les Misérables this weekend. He won’t make music for a living, but we’ll always share a love for the stage.

    P.S. Masks removed for pictures only. Don’t know why I feel the need to say that, but…

  • Playing with the Typewise keyboard for iPhone. Very different. They say it is the first keyboard specifically designed for digital devices and has ~1 week learning curve. They also tout their privacy features; the app doesn’t require Full Access like other 3rd party keyboard apps

  • If you enjoy studying personality/thinking types, take a look at the Enneagram. It is fascinating.

  • I just avoided giving unsolicited advice to a Facebook friend regarding the proper way to make tea. He boils his water and steeps the tea for three minutes fifteen seconds. 😳

    But I kind of feel like he needs my lifechanging advice.

  • Here’s the “more to the Basecamp story” that many assumed was hiding somewhere. It’s not pretty.

  • I love technology, but I’ve been better about keeping it in its place recently, including a surprisingly successful return to analog task management and watches. There’s a visceral feeling of accomplishment when I turn the pages of an ink-filled Leuchtturm.

  • Today is the perfect date.

  • I’m playing with Obsidian Publish. The Dataview plugin doesn’t render its product in Publish. That’s what I use to create my indeces. 😕

  • I Almost Died Just Now 🤣

    I got myself into a bit of a situation.

    My wife has learned that a high school friend of hers has fallen on hard times. She reached out to other mutual friends and raised an impressive amount of money to help. So this afternoon, she’s going shopping and she’ll deliver the supplies and food tomorrow. I suggested she would get more bang for her buck if she went to Costco. (For our international friends, that’s a big warehouse store that sells items in bulk.) The problem is, we don’t have a Costco membership. So I suggested she buy an annual membership and it would come in handy for a year. Somehow, magically, that turned into my going with her on this shopping trip.

    In my defense as a husband, it’s raining here today and we have a perfectly good couch on which to nap.

    “So when we go out later this afternoon,” she said…

    “Who is ‘We’? You got a mouse in your pocket?”

    “What old southern quip did you just throw at me?”

    So we compromised. I’m going to Costco.

  • I’m starting to really get the hang of my Obsidian setup. Now I’m contemplating adding Publish. My notes aren’t necessarily ready for that now, but maybe one day they’ll be helpful. It might even be able to replace my blog where I write more professional things.

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