• Winterset Hollow

    An intriguingly unique story told by an author struggling to find his voice

    Winterset Hollow offers a surprisingly unique storyline. This is no run-of-the-mill novel. It is dark and ponderous. However, the reader will have to fight through embarrassingly poor editing and the author’s own struggle to find his voice. It wouldn’t hurt for the author to make of use of a thesaurus, too. 📚

  • Impatiently awaiting the delivery of a Pilot Custom 74 (my first Japanese fountain pen) and some Pilot Iroshizuku inks. 🖋

  • It’s coincidence (I think) that my favorite stationery pieces are German: a Diplomat Aero, an Otto Hutt Design06 (quickly becoming my favorite), and a Leuchtturm1917. In the pens is Lamy ink, also German, one of the best behaved inks on standard paper. 🖋

  • I’m a little surprised we heard nothing about the new Apple Classical service yesterday. I’m curious to see what that will be like. I have wishes and desires.

  • What Are Your Ink Recommendations 🖋

    Fountain pen friends, I have used the following inks to varying degrees of success: - Lamy - Parker Quink - Diplomat - Monteverde

    Of the four I have tried, the Lamy is probably my favorite. I love the wide range of colors available from Monteverde, but the ink is heavy, bleeds through even fountain pen friendly paper, and turns a medium nib into a fairly broad nib.

    Any must-try recommendations? Sailor? Pilot Iroshizuku? I didn’t expect ink to be the biggest hurdle in this newfound hobby. 🖋

  • Trying Monteverde ink in all my pens. I’ve noticed it has a bigger tendency to bleed through even good paper than the other inks I’ve tried. 🖋

  • Today at the US Post Office, I learned you can mail birds. Today, I also learned that the Post Office really hates it when you mail birds.

  • After yesterday’s picture of the fountain pen I received for Christmas, I have to admit that I quickly picked up a Lamy Safari, Diplomat Aero, and a Lamy Studio LX. And I may or may not have a couple of Conklin All Americans on their way to me. That’s plenty for now, right? 🖋

  • The Rabbit Hole of Fountain Pens

    I received a beautiful fountain pen for Christmas. It is made from reclaimed wood from 14th-century roof beams in Canterbury Cathedral, so the wood itself is easily over 1000 years old. It’s a beautiful pen and will always be a sentimental favorite. But I have added to it six others because, when I started researching, I fell down the rabbit hole. 🖋

  • For some reason, my last Micro.blog post was way back in October. Well, good morning, folks!

  • Going a bit smaller on the iPhone upgrade this year. iPhone 13 Pro (not Pro Max like in years past) and pairing it with an iPad Mini because it’s more appropriate to use a tablet at school than it is a phone.

  • Performing in my first public performance since December of 2019. The professional ensemble I sing with was one day away from a major performance in March of 2020 when everything shut down.

  • Being a school administrator is an exercise in perpetual exhaustion. 😴

  • Cruella was a good family watch last night. Emmas Stone and Thompson made a nice pair. The only wrinkle was the terrible CGI animals. It would have been cheaper and easier to use real animals.

  • Somebody needs an uplifting message tonight, so maybe this will help.

    ABBA is releasing a new album.

  • Results of my latest check-in with Apple Music’s Dolby Atmos: still a non-starter. Some classical music sounds fine with it, but everything else is awful.

  • 1Password 8 isn’t awful. It’s neither pretty nor elegant, but it isn’t awful. I hate the direction they’re heading, but there really isn’t a better alternative.

  • So I’m looking for a new password manager, huh? That sounds delightful.

    And Apple Music is acting weird. Some files won’t play on my iPhone (content not authorized) but play fine on my Mac and iPad. Maybe this Apple lossless experiment failed and I go back to using my own files.

  • iOS 15 is pretty stable so far. Of course, I’ve only been running it for all of 16 hours.

  • The bottom address bar in Safari in iOS 15 is awful.

    A. W. F. U. L.

  • Is Toggl still the best time tracking service? I’m not a fan, but I’m also not finding anything better.

  • Up quite early this morning to smoke my first pork butt of the summer. This is an unusually late start to the smoking season for me. And, because my step-daughter knew I was planning this, she invited her boyfriend over for dinner.

  • Two things I’m late to adopt but love…

    1. Ted Lasso
    2. Greta Van Fleet
  • Awake at 3:30 a.m. for no good reason.

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